Events & Seminars

Management and Innovation Consultancy for Education

Aspire can deliver workshops & seminars and help you plan major events. If you are seeking an innovative approach take a look at some of the events Gill has organised in recent years.

Delegates were ‘chuffed’ with a Scenario Planning event on the world’s oldest steam railway

Attendees realised this meeting was going to be different when we did away with both technology and furniture

How do you feed the jaded delegate who has eaten every finger buffet under the sun? Try a mediaeval banquet

Gill has a similarly innovative reputation as a guest speaker. Here she invites the audience to consider how soon their new learning spaces may be out of fashion

Delegates on platform beside the steam train.Delegates in discussion inside one of the train carriages.Delegates seated on 'bean bags'The organiser seated ona 'bean bag'.Delegates in costume masks at a mediaeval banquet.Gill delivering a presentation dressed in '70's clothes.

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