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Data and privacy notice


If you make an enquiry to Aspire Ltd we will respond as quickly as possible and do our best to provide the information you request.

If you become a customer of Aspire Ltd we will hold the data required to perform our contract with you and will manage it in a legally compliant and secure manner.

Further detail

Actually the summary above is the full detail - we don't do any more than that!

We don't have any mailing lists, we won't send you marketing, promotions or any kind of special offers and we wouldn't dream of selling your details to anybody else.

The nature of our business is such that most of the work we do is managed according to our customers' own ethics policies. If you would like us to work on a project and aren't sure about the data management or research ethics aspects, we can advise you.

The nature of our customer base is such that we work with organisations who are specialists in, and very particular about, data management and information security and we have passed their due diligence tests in order to win contracts. If, as a customer, you need to know more about how we will manage information and keep it secure for your project, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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